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Developing effective tools to integrate and parse data

Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Marketing, Pricing, Human Resource Management, Warehouse and Inventory Management are examples of vital components to the life of your business that provides virtual treasure trove of information. To efficiently and effectively meet ever-increasing challenges, such as customer demands for quick and accurate service and fulfillment, employee demands for more efficient processes, and management demands for immediate and precise reporting.

We work with retail and logistic companies to develop highly effective tools to integrate and parse their vast amounts of data, develop comprehensive reporting tools, and measure them against goals. We leverage the traditional and cloud-based analytics technologies to gain insights from inventory management systems and transportation management systems, among others, that gather large volumes of data from different systems, including GPS devices, onboard sensors, and more. This allows these firms to monitor orders, enhance inventory tracking, improve vehicle performance and efficiency, and track maintenance requirements and costs.

Benefit from Databridge’s robust Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics includes:

  1. sales, marketing, loyalty marketing, campaigns
  2. category management, product management
  3. market share, forecasting
  4. inventory, distribution, logistics, vendors
  5. SKU and products, product hierarchy
  6. market basket, product mix, new markets
  7. pricing, competition
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