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We value flexibility regarding our data management service scope... building a data infrastructure, migrating your data to the cloud, or revealing security and compliance holes, we are up for it all!

We are a Data Management company with 10+ years of experience providing Business Data Management and Data Consulting Services, Databridge can help you turn your siloed information into a data ecosystem you may rely on — easily searchable, transparent, controllable, and accessible when and where needed.


Data Governance

We offer comprehensive data governance services to support your entire data journey — from capturing to storing to analyzing it. We’ll lay down a data strategy and outline all the necessary procedures for ensuring data security, privacy, and quality and supervise their implementation

Data Quality Management

We’ll evaluate your data management processes and the available data to ensure your decision-making is as reliable as possible. We’ll check whether your data is complete, valid, unique, accurate, and consistent and review your data management flow for accountability and transparency

Master & Metadata Management

It’s not only your business assets that we keep in focus but also metadata. We design a master and metadata management strategy, set up standards and data quality metrics, and put down procedures for easy data access, navigation, and sharing.

Data Integration

We’ll help you integrate data from multiple sources into a single, cohesive data store. We will set up data cleansing, ETL, and data transformation processes, so you can have one-stop access to all of the essential data and enjoy accurate and effective business intelligence

Data Migration

Looking to increase your app’s mobility and enable anytime, anywhere access to your business data? We will recommend trustworthy enterprise data platform vendors, migrate your data infrastructure from an on-premises setting to the cloud, and carry out post-migration testing to make sure no record gets lost

Data Security

We’ll start with an audit to identify the current state of your data security methods and policies. Then, we’ll design a data security strategy, setting up all the necessary processes, metrics, access rights, and technology tools to protect your data from unauthorized use

Enterprise Data Management & Storage

No matter whether you prefer to store your data on-premises or in the cloud, we’ll help you create a flexible data storage solution that scales with your business. We implement data lakes, data warehouses, and end-to-end data ecosystems, including AI-powered ones, so you can always have structured and cleansed data at hand

Data Architecture Optimization

If you struggle with your data infrastructure’s performance or costs, we will help you redesign your data ecosystem to enable the seamless flow, management, and consumption of the fast-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data while optimizing instance usage and storage costs


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We unleash the Transformative Power of Data with End-to-End Data Management Services


We’ll make sure your data has no erroneous, duplicate, or misleading entries and stays precise with new information flows coming in


We remove contradictions and mismatches from the information fetched from different sources to boost your data’s reliability


We fill in your data gaps to prevent uninformed decisions and make sure you have a 360-degree view of your business


We define an optimal level of granularity and detail for your data, so no confusion or misinterpretation can occur


We make sure your decision-making relies on the information that is fetched and processed without delays


We guarantee that your data never gets lost and stays in the warehouse no matter what, if not explicitly removed



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