Big Data Analytics Services, Tailored to Your Business

With a team of in-house senior-level data experts, we provide comprehensive big data analytics services to help your business grow

We have the technological and strategic know-how to assist you with specific expertise on unique data issues or build a data analytics solution that collects, ingests, cleans, and analyzes data, from the ground up.


Uncover Data Opportunities and Capabilities

We begin by determining your options for leveraging data analytics to optimize performance, improve decision-making and grow revenue.

Create Your Data Ecosystem

Using on-premise or cloud-based hosting, we bring together the infrastructure, applications and analytics needed to tap into your data potential. We capture data in any source inside or outside of your company, including data from IoT devices, smart sensors and more.

Build Data Models

To generate the insights you need, we find, create, and tailor models — whether you are after simple forecasting or advanced machine learning. Deep cross-industry expertise means our data analytics experts can customize data models to align with your specific vertical.

Make Self-service Analytics Possible

Every user should be empowered to ask new questions and generate reports that answer them, without needing technical expertise. From reliable data governance frameworks to user-friendly dashboards, we build data analytics solutions that enable your team to fully explore data.

Help Your Team Become Data-driven

Taking maximum advantage of your data is about more than just technology. We help you evolve your business processes so that your team can fully adopt and integrate your new analytical capabilities.

Build Recommendation Engines

We harness your sales data to create sophisticated recommendation models that plug seamlessly into your ecommerce tech stack

Accelerate Routine Decision-making

Many of the routine decisions made by humans can be carried out by plug-and-play data analytics solutions, freeing up employees’ time for value-creating activities

Detect Credit and Fraud Risks

Automate financial decision-making to get a fast credit score for any customer requesting a payment plan, or get instant notifications of fraud risks


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There are virtually no limits to what we can do with your data. The use cases below are just a few examples of what’s possible.

Upsell and Cross-sell Strategically

Using clickstream and CRM data, our data analysis company identifies the optimal strategies for upselling and cross-selling to individuals, increasing your revenue per customer

Build Recommendation Engines

We harness your sales data to create sophisticated recommendation models that plug seamlessly into your ecommerce tech stack

Adjust Prices for Locations and Segments

By analyzing your sales and pricing data in combination with historical and current market trends, we can compute ideal pricing models that attract more sales

Minimize Asset Downtime

Predictive maintenance solutions determine how to efficiently schedule repairs to reduce downtime, and how to address technical problems before they happen

Streamline your Supply Chain

Analyze and understand how all of your suppliers are performing in order to identify bottlenecks and see which vendors aren’t pricing competitively

Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Monitor the life cycle and performance of any equipment you purchase or lease, so you can accurately determine which products give you the best ROI



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