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Solution for Connected Care

We can all agree that major transformations must occur today in healthcare to meet healthcare needs in the future. The focus on acute care versus wellness, unsustainable and rampant costs, together with outdated business and care delivery models, has created a fragmented care delivery system that must be changed. These fast moving healthcare requirements and opportunities make it more critical than ever that your organization stay connected. And promoting connected care is the focus of the Databridge Healthcare Practice. Our cost-effective project solutions optimize alignment, efficiency and effectiveness—and that benefits patients, as well as your business.

To enable a seamless and unified model of service and care, we provide core competencies to ensure your organization is connected at all levels – from the enterprise level to connecting information, technology, and clinical systems – all to help your organization:

Focus on prevention and wellness

Use data-driven decision making

Coordinate care, population health, new business and care delivery models

Leverage technology as a means of supporting a new efficient, coordinated healthcare system

  1. Clinical System Implementation and Management
  2. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  5. Full-Cycle System Solutions
  6. Revenue Cycle Solutions
  7. Program Management
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