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Energizing performance with our professional resourcing and project solutions

To remain robust and relevant, Energy companies must anticipate shifts in demand and more efficiently use technology. For over 40 years, Databridge has been helping energy companies do just that. We work with mid-sized energy organizations, as well as some of the largest providers in the world, to deliver experienced, high performance professionals and project solutions that drive success.

At Databridge, we are “experts finding experts.” Our experienced recruiters know the energy talent communities and have been finding the right active and passive candidates for decades. Our network of recruiters combines industry knowledge with skill-specific and geographic sourcing strategies to help you staff for competitive advantage, agility and business growth.

With a proven team of energy industry experts focused on your goals, access to industry best practices and benchmarking against industry leaders, we deliver specialized solutions that empower your organization for success, including the core value chain components:

  1. Supply, transmission and trading specializations. We understand that supply, transportation and trading are crucial links between upstream and downstream.
  2. Manufacturing specializations. We understand that any interruption in production directly affects the bottom line.
  3. Marketing and retailing specializations. We understand that supplying the final product to the customer is the reason the entire process is necessary.
  4. Asset management. We understand that, without proper attention to your assets, the operations will not continue.
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