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Expert analytics to Advance business goals

To stay ahead of your competitors, your company needs to look into the future at what will happen if certain courses of action are taken.

The excitement surrounding Big Data analytics reflects a genuine opportunity for organizations to gain new sources of insight from new sources of data. With the growth of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data there has never been a better time to drive improvements in customer engagement, process performance, and strategic decision making.

The challenge is that most solutions for Big Data Analytic require either an army of specialists with statistics Ph.D.s or advanced computing degrees, or just focus on a single source of data.

Databridge consultants take a different approach to Big Data Analytics, with the core goal of putting the value of Big Data in the hands of all decision makers.

Databridge capabilities:

  1. All relevant data: Access, integration, and cleaning of sources of data.
  2. Fastest Platform to build analytics: Sophisticated but accessible predictive tools, combined in a simple, workflow design environment.
  3. Simple sharing of Big Data analytics: Single click sharing of analytic applications that can be used by any decision maker. Databridge has extensive experience applying statistics and analytics to business problems. By following our proven methods, you’re able to determine how and where to apply the most appropriate analytical solution to better understand your business data. That enables you to make more effective business decisions.

We provide a variety of advanced analytical services, including:

  1. Analytical Process Assessments
  2. Analytical Infrastructure Consulting
  3. Data Mining
  4. Analytical Reporting
  5. Predictive modeling
  6. Loss Forecasting
  7. Sale Forecasting
  8. Risk Modeling
  9. Decision Analysis
  10. Dashboard Solutions
  11. Business Analytics and Reporting
  12. Marketing and Customer Analyses
  13. Business Intelligence and Data Management
  14. Monte Carlo simulations
  15. Statistical analysis
  16. Validation and due diligence of client financial models
  17. Risk Management and Fraud Detection
  18. Project Feasibility Assessment
  19. Strategic Thinking and Modeling
  20. Product Performance Evaluation
  21. Quantification of the sources of risk, their magnitude and impact
  22. Enterprise-wide risk identification, quantification and management
  23. Aligning business strategy, business risk and shareholder communications
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