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Comprehensive planning and implementation

Many companies have established first generation data warehouse and business intelligence solutions and are encountering costly vendor support due to architecture and/or technology limitations. They have experienced in-house management teams, but rely heavily upon staff augmentation to provide solution architecture and project delivery services. Management is now recognizing that many architecture and project solution delivery issues stem from incomplete or non-scalable architecture prepared by inexperienced resources. They are also recognizing the need for senior-level technical oversight during solution delivery to ensure that technical resources maintain technical focus and avoid errors, omissions, defects and costly rework.

 The Databridge Business Intelligence Practice is comprised of senior consulting solution architects, each with over 20 years of hands-on architectural experience in key disciplines including data warehouse, data integration and business intelligence. Solution architects utilize the Databridge recruiting process to establish very cost effective project delivery teams comprised of resources that have proven track records with Databridge and experience with client-specific industries. This architecture experience ensures flexible, scalable solutions and cost effective, on-time, defect-free solution delivery. You’ll benefit from:

  1. Highly-skilled solution architects to meet short term needs
  2. Flexible, scalable solutions that provide maximum reusable components
  3. Mitigating technical risks before they become issues
  4. Maintaining technical focus to prevent errors, omissions, defects and costly rework.
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