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Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence technology that provides systems with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Integrated analytics provide a basis on which data sets can be harnessed by machine learning algorithms to adapt and improve their performance.

Databridge helps clients achieve new levels of revenue, margin and global efficiencies through world-class, multi-echelon operations analytics.

Using proven end-to-end optimization models, Databridge deploys advanced world-class analytics that reveal existing and potentially superior supply chain behaviors, helping clients re-invest early project gains into growing their internal organizational analytic competencies.

Supply Chain Analytics  Through the Databridge analyze/innovate/transform approach, clients achieve significant results, and transfer the knowledge and skills to the team for continuous optimization and improvement through the supply chain and operations.

Complexity Management Increasing customer, product, and channel complexity creates a costlier supply chain. Analysis provides visibility into the true incurred costs in supporting a product portfolio with numerous low-volume, high-variability, low margin products

End-to-End Optimization  While there has been progress, optimizing across the supply chain on an ongoing basis has been challenging. Modeling the entire supply chain, and optimizing inventory, can lead to significant efficiencies and improved customer services.

Supply Chain Risk Management Managing and mitigating risk in your supply chain should be a priority for any organization. Knowing your level of exposure using our proprietary Risk Exposure Index™ helps companies identify trouble spots and create reliable strategies for mitigating them.

Advanced Supplier Management Nearly every major company experiences one or more significant supply disruptions each year; demand, pricing, weather, personnel and many more. Our two-fold approach helps address disruptions with early detection, rapid resolution, and continuous improvement.

Supply Chain SegmentationOver time, supply chain strategy and the customers being served can change, resulting in higher costs and decreasing service levels and customer satisfaction. With a clear understanding of your customer and value proposition, you can develop new models that better match their needs

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