Approach to digital transformation

Digital business is reshaping the insurance industry. New market entrants are challenging the established order, and empowered consumers and businesses seek easier access, new types of coverage and more personalized services and experiences.

Databridge understand that each carrier’s digital strategy and investments are tailored to the key performance indicators (KPIs) they aim to improve. These can include increasing gross written premiums, lowering combined ratios or accelerating product speed to market. Advancing these KPIs requires improvement and innovation across processes, organizations and technology. We provide the guidance and hands-on expertise you need to manage your organization’s evolving operating model, integrate the right technologies and architect a digital future that achieves your business strategy. 

Databridge’s services include:

  1. Claims
  2. Insurers aiming for high performance in their claims operations will need to adopt a new vision of claims—a digitalized, data-driven function that seeks to reduce claims expenses, better identify fraudulent activity and provide a more personalized, customer-centric experience

  3. Product, Policy & Underwriting
  4. We have assisted many P&C carriers to transform their product development, policy and underwriting functions. Data and software are being used more effectively to enhance underwriting and marketing. Products, services and distribution channels are being shaped to provide a differentiated value proposition.

  5. Distribution & Marketing: Insurance
  6. Databridge’s wide range of services can help you increase customer acquisition and retention and achieve profitable growth by improving your capabilities in four key areas:

  7. Cross-channel excellence, based on a 360-degree view of the customer and the ability to market and distribute seamlessly across the multiple channels which today’s consumers use interchangeably.
  8. Customer-centricity, with the ability to personalize interactions and services—all based on advanced analytics.
  9. Optimized marketing, utilizing digital tools and channels to reach customers more effectively, and precise measurement and reporting to enhance efficiency.
  10. Salesforce effectiveness, empowering agents and brokers to maximize their relevance and productivity within the customer segments they target.
  11. Proficiency in these areas is enhanced by taking advantage of the latest mobile, analytics, social media and other digital technologies.

  12. Finance, Risk & Regulatory
  13. The Finance & Risk practice can help financial services firms focus upon the three key challenges of increasing profitability, reducing complexity and managing regulations. Databridge draws on its end-to-end transformation capabilities, as well as core strengths in management consulting, technology, analytics and outsourcing to help firms address complexity, volatility while creating sustainable competitive advantage.

  14. Technology Advisory
  15. Financial Services Technology Advisory works with each firm to plan, build, transform and orchestrate their technology capabilities, resources, skills and capacity to deliver improved operational efficiency, enhanced enterprise effectiveness and meet their individual and specific business situation, needs and goals.

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