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In the today’s “new economy,” businesses still face with “old” challenges.

How do you improve productivity?

How do you provide better service for your customers?

How do you offer the same, or better, products or services at a reduced cost? 

Rapidly changing technology and business conditions provide opportunities to answer some of these questions. On the infrastructure side, challenges may include outdated technology, both hardware and software, that is functionally inferior to new, improved releases, versions or tools. In addition, new approaches to process improvement and service delivery can lead to organizational change which improves service reliability and efficiency. 

Developing standard policies related to infrastructure and architecture ensures procedures are in place to address data stewardship. Databridge works with each enterprise client to develop customized standards, programs, processes and documentation that encompass the full breadth of technology management. Enterprise data quality and data availability are core to streamlining required processes. Databridge provides enterprise clients with solutions that encompass the entire enterprise. IDS Enterprise Solutions has assisted companies from vision through implementation. These companies continue to realize benefits including cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and increased productivity with fewer outages.


Enterprise Solutions include:

  1. IT Assessment/Roadmap
  2. Transformation Program Office
  3. Services and Process Optimization
  4. Service/Team Outsourcing
  5. Documentation Services
  6. Capacity Planning Services
  7. Standards and Policy Planning
  8. Service Desk
  9. Technology Asset Management
  10. Technology Refresh
  11. Business Continuity
  12. Disaster Recovery
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