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Data center moves and consolidation efforts require extensive planning and the meticulous management of processes to ensure minimal disruption to users, applications and core business services. Many organizations lack of expertise or qualified technical resources to effective plan and implement a solution. In addition, with the rapid advancement of technology, many data centers are having difficulty maintaining existing hardware and legacy applications. Organizations are striving to prepare their existing infrastructure to leverage the Cloud, either internally or externally. Does your organization have a data center infrastructure designed to take your business to the next level?

Managing your data center facilities life cycle is a critical function for ensuring business continuity and maximizing productivity. Our Data Center Solution offerings work with enterprise organizations to develop data center road maps, and plan and execute migrations, consolidations, build outs and moves. Our target environments include hosted sites, various managed solutions, public and private clouds and migrations between client-owned data centers. Our delivery model is flexible with turnkey solutions to partnering with clients based on their needs to complete the intended transition.

Data Center Solutions include:

  1. Assessment/Roadmap Planning
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Discovery and Dependency Mapping
  4. Infrastructure Architectural Services
  5. Consolidated Planning
  6. Migration Services
  7. System Administration
    1. Active Directory
    2. Exchange
    3. Server OS
  8. Storage and Backup Services
  9. Transformation Program Office
  10. Business Continuity
  11. Disaster Recovery
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