Air-tight security without impacting productivity

With an ever-changing threat environment, constant vigilance is essential to maintaining the external and internal security frameworks that are critical to protecting business information assets. This is especially true for high-profile organizations, including companies maintaining top competitive intelligence, customer sensitive information or personal information with high financial payoff.

To help clients understand their protection level, Databridge Cyber Security teams perform hundreds of assessments and penetration tests across all industry sectors, network complexities, applications and platforms. We use the same methods sophisticated attackers use, including a broad range of commercial and public tools from our well-maintained Virtual Security Test Center (VSTC), along with manual methods created and used by our skilled assessors. Our VSTC tool sets are regularly reviewed against available tools in multiple categories to ensure we provide our clients with leading-edge capabilities.

Databridge Cyber Security teams actively work with you to distill raw assessment data into reports that are visibly aligned with your business risks and potential business impacts at multiple levels of detail. These reports effectively communicate the results based on the needs of each of your stakeholders groups, including senior management and technical staff. Our Cyber Security offerings include:

  1. Penetration Testing
  2. Customized Goal-Oriented Penetration Exercises
  3. Vulnerability Assessments
  4. Social Engineering
  5. Network, Wireless and Web Application Security Reviews
  6. Incident Analysis and Response
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